Commercial Services

In response to the alarming fact that 40% of Municipal Waste is created by businesses, we offer a Business Recycling Service that provides businesses and other organizations with an easy and inexpensive way to recycle their mixed office paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, electronics, cell phones, and ink/toner cartridges.

We provide the bins, and we are very flexible with scheduling – tailoring it to fit your needs. For information on getting started, please call 865.525.9694 or send an email to

KRC provides off-site document destruction and our service is designed for those customers who do not need the security of an on-site shredder. All the paper we collect is taken to a local recycling processing facility that shreds, bales, and ships the material to mills where it is reprocessed into paper products. We can provide a certificate of destruction if requested.

In addition to the paper recycling, the KRC is now offering Multi-Material pickup. This includes all plastics, aluminum cans, and cardboard. Included for free in with both this and the paper service is pick up for cell phones and ink/toner cartridges.

We currently serve over 200 customers annually, ranging from small businesses with only a few employees to some of the largest businesses in the area. Our service area includes Knox, Blount, and Anderson Counties, including Alcoa, Maryville, and Oak Ridge.