Why Use A Tree Service Company?

If you are considering tree removal or tree trimming there are a few things you should do before contacting a tree service company. Why? By knowing what steps to take before calling a tree service company can save you money, time, and a lot of frustration. There is nothing worse than calling a tree removal company to remove a tree only to have them not be able to remove the tree right away because they did not put the necessary amount of time into the process. If they were working fast it could possibly cause injury to you and your property if it was too large of a tree to remove alone.

Why Use a Tree Service



Why would a tree removal company need to use extra equipment like pruning saws, stump grinders and tree removal trucks? They might need to if they tree is extremely large and they are not equipped for cutting it down. I always ask tree care companies before they cut down a tree whether they have all the proper equipment and not hire a tree service company to do it for them. If they do I guarantee you that you will get the job done correctly and without an injury to you or your property.

Before you even start the process of tree removal you should gather as much information as possible about your tree. The best way to do this is to go to a local tree care association and find out what kind of services they offer. If they don’t have any then I suggest you go to the internet and look for a local tree service company. Most tree service companies have websites that will give you a lot of information.

The next step in tree care is to prepare the tree for the tree removal. This means removing dead leaves and other matter from the top of the tree as well as from around it. You want to take out as much of the dead tree as possible to ensure it is easier to stump a new tree from its stump. Stump removal is a very delicate and important part of tree care. Do it wrong and it could mean the difference between a healthy tree and a dead one. Use the right tools and do it right and there is little chance of a successful stump removal.

Once the tree has been prepared and cleaned, you will need to get rid of the stump. A tree service company will usually be able to help you with this as well. You should dig a hole that is as large as the tree and the stump is in. Once you have the hole dug you will want to line it with earth so the roots cannot grow back through the hole and into your home.  Alternatively, consider a suggestion Bill Watson of Kane Tree Service Aurora makes, “stump grinding is a good alternative to stump removal and much less costly”.

When the hole is dug and lined with earth, you will need to place a stump weight. This is a strong rope that is tied to the tree and helps to keep it in place while the tree service company removes it. If you are going to remove a tree for any reason, you should use a tree service company before doing it yourself.